Welcome to my home page! As we consider partnering on your financial journey, I would like to provide a brief personal and professional introduction to help with your decision. On a personal level, here are my core beliefs that I strive to live by:

Life is a personal, professional, spiritual, physical, and financial journey. Continuously striving to make progress in each area is the key to the journey.

Time is our greatest asset. Keeping death in the back of our mind can help us prioritize our time and spend more of it on the things that matter most.

Realizing the truth in change and impermanence will set you free.


By way of a professional introduction, I truly believe I have found my calling in financial planning, which at the core is helping people become best educated, organized, and prepared for their financial future. Or stated another way, I am deeply committed to helping my clients achieve goals surrounding their financial situation. The majority of my clients work in State government (i.e. Highway Patrol, NC Judicial Branch, NC DHHS, etc.), North Carolina University system (professors and staff), and in the legal profession (attorneys and judges). In addition, most of my clients are seeking counsel regarding their retirement outlook and looking to gain clarity on how to maximize and best preserve their retirement income. As a testament of my commitment to my clients and the profession of financial planning, I completed the Certified Financial Planner coursework through Duke University. I am involved with the local and national Financial Planning Association to stay informed of trends in the profession, collaborate with other qualified planners, and to ultimately try to give back to a profession that has been so fulfilling.

If you would like to learn more about my personal or professional interests or would like to determine how my team and I could serve as a resource along your journey, please feel comfortable reaching out for a consultation. 

“We can have no progress without change, whether it be basketball or anything else.”  

John Wooden