Law Enforcement & Judicial Branch Personnel

Serving Those Who Help Create and Protect the Law

My team and I have tailored a planning process to help those in this demographic with the following:

Pension Planning: estimate the projected income from the State pension and analyze the various payout options to determine which makes the most sense for your unique situation

Social Security Planning: highlight the pros and cons of starting social security at various ages to determine how to best optimize your benefit

Asset Allocation & Tax Planning: review investment accounts (i.e. 401K, 457, IRAs, etc.), real estate holdings, and/or any other assets to ensure they are aligned with your intentions and to understand any tax implications associated with the asset

Protection Planning: review current insurance plans (i.e. healthcare, long term care, life insurance, etc.) to determine which will and will not carry over into retirement; make informed decisions on how to protect your lifestyle, assets, and loved ones from being burdened by the unexpected

Estate Planning: make sure estate plan is up-to-date and make introductions to estate planning attorneys if appropriate